Future Leaders Academy’s Mission Statement:

Future Leaders Academy is the perfect academy in which all children have the potential to explore the knowledge, skills and values necessary to live affluent and abundant lives as productive leaders and enlightened members of society.

Future Leaders Academy is a small daycare center.  Large enough to offer all the required learning centers, but small enough to offer the personal family feel.  Our curriculum program is of the Creative Curriculum, Spanish, athletic involvement, while also having monthly themes around which we encourage art, science, sensory, math and literature programs.  Every theme has a goal to teach every child to leave our program reading and performing math skills on or above kindergarten level.


We offer before and after school programs that include homework help, and tons of creative fun activities to ensure the best experience with your child and their friends.


Our summer camp program is also geared towards our school aged children and offer themed activities all summer.


While academics are very important we want to produce well-rounded, socially adept students as well.  We encourage each child to learn at his or her own rate and that success in learning will develop the child’s self-image.